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Lake Derby Showdown!

This past Sunday was all about the Lake Derby, a game that had a lot riding on it for us.

It was like having two games in one – our classic derby against Lausanne and the first of four crucial finals.

Luckily, we didn’t have to trek far; just a quick 30-minute trip to Lausanne. We got there early, and despite some morning rain, the weather cleared up, setting the stage for a great game of hockey.

In the locker room, Liam reminded us that this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. Even though we looked better on paper, he stressed the importance of everyone giving it their all. With that mindset, we hit the pitch ready to go.

The game kicked off fast, and Liam’s words rang true – it was no cakewalk. Lausanne put up a tough defense, playing with a lot of heart. We dominated the first quarter, but they managed to sneak in a goal against the run of play, leaving us trailing 1-0.

But we didn’t lose our focus. We stuck to our game plan, and it paid off in the second quarter. Despite a string of missed opportunities, we finally got our chance with a penalty stroke. Oscar kept his cool and slotted it home, leveling the score at 1-1.

The third quarter passed without much change. We controlled the game and created chances, but luck wasn’t on our side in front of goal. As we geared up for the final quarter, we encouraged each other to stay true to our style of play.

And it paid off. We started strong in the fourth, with a fantastic move from the Wyss-Chodat brothers almost resulting in a goal. With time running out, we kept the pressure on, and finally, Jeremy’s penalty corner rocketed into the net, putting us ahead 1-2 with just minutes to spare.

With nerves fraying, Lausanne won a late penalty corner, but our defense, led by Senne in goal, held firm, securing the win at 1-2. Our dream of reaching the Final Four is still alive, and we’ll need all your support as we gear up for our next three matches.

Next stop: Black Boys. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Sybe de Graaf

Photo: Christian Wyss-Chodat